Background of Tung Chung New Town Extension

The existing engineering infrastructure at Tung Chung New Town (TCNT) was completed in 2003. The population of TCNT is about 80,000 now although the existing infrastructure could support a population of about 124,000. The Government has been planning to further develop the TCNT into a comprehensively planned new town with a larger population capacity and adequate local and regional community facilities.

The Planning Department and CEDD jointly commissioned the “Planning and Engineering Study on the Remaining Development in Tung Chung - Feasibility Study” (the P&E Study) in January 2012 to review the remaining development potential of TCNT. A three-stage public engagement exercise was completed in October 2014. The Government has formulated a development proposal of Tung Chung New Town Extension (TCNTE).

TCNTE will cover areas on the eastern and western flanks of the existing TCNT. It will provide about 49,000 residential flats for a population of about 144,000 as proposed under the P&E Study. It will also provide about 500,000m2 gross floor area (GFA) for office use, 327,000m2 GFA for retail use, and 50,000m2 GFA for hotel use.

Further, land is reserved in the extension area for recreational, educational and community uses such as sports ground, post-secondary institution and clinic. At Tung Chung West, a channelised section of Tung Chung River at the northeast of Shek Lau Po together with the immediate upstream section up to Shek Mun Kap Road will be rejuvenated as a river park for recreational use with a view to enhancing ecology and promoting a water-friendly culture. Upon completion of the proposed TCNTE, the total population capacity of Tung Chung will increase to about 268,000.

Please visit the TCNTE website for more details.

Objective of Competition

We cordially invite all interested public to join the “Capture & Experience Tung Chung – Prequel to Tung Chung New Town Extension 2017” Photo Competition. By taking photos and sharing your masterpieces, you help record the multiple facets of Tung Chung before the new town extension.

The two themes of the Competition Entries are (1) Landscape, Architecture and Heritage, and (2) Culture and Living. The Competition aims to record the change of Tung Chung from the perspective of the public.

Latest News
Congratulation to all winners! The result has been announced. The winning entries will be showcased in the roving exhibition!
The list of winners of “My Favourite Photo” and “The Wise Eyes” awards was announced! Congratulation to all!
The online voting has been closed on 30 November 2017. The list of winners of “My Favourite Photo” and “The Wise Eyes” awards will be announced on 19 January 2018.
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“Capture & Experience Tung Chung – Prequel to Tung Chung New Town Extension 2017” Photo Competition is now open for submission. Submission deadline is 5:00pm on 25 October 2017.